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Creating filter expressions with java predicates

Hi all,

I am trying to replace pieces of an old query execution framework with
Calcite. Consider for example the following very simplified representation
of such Query in this framework.

class Query
private final String pathToTableData;
private final Predicate<Record> pred1;
private final Predicate<Record> pred2;

Basically, it corresponds to a TableScan with Filter(s) so I would like to
map it as such to Calcite.

*Approach A*
The first thing that came to my mind is to use the RelBuilder and
RexBuilder classes to do so. Then when I am about to create a filter, I am
not sure how to create the respective row expression that is able to
describe the above predicates. At the moment, I have the following ideas:

   1. One possibility would be to create RexCall expression with a custom
   SqlOperator that takes the java predicate among its parameters.
   2. Another possibility would be to create RexCall expression with a
   SqlUserDefinedFunction that already accepts as an input a Function object
   and there I could pass a custom Function object that contains the java

Then during query planning, it is necessary to add an appropriate rule that
goes over the condition of the filter examine the SqlOperator and introduce
a CustomFilter expression for handling this call.

*Approach B*
The second alternative would be to not to use at all the RelBuilder and
build the plan manually with custom relational expressions (subclasses of
RelNode). As such the CustomFilter expression could take as an argument a
java predicate and there is no need to introduce further changes or rules.
The latter implies that the CustomFilter does not have a RexNode condition,
which further means that it cannot inherit from the existing Filter class.

I was wondering if any of the above approaches seems reasonable enough and
if there are other better alternatives that I am missing. Suggestions and
comments are very welcomed.