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Re: Mongo, Elasticsearch or Solr adapters

I believe the MongoDB and Elasticsearch adapters should be considered
relatively stable. The Elasticsearch adapter has seen quite a bit of
development lately thanks to Christian Beikov.

Michael Mior

Le lun. 14 mai 2018 à 21:10, Edmon Begoli <ebegoli@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Colleagues,
> I am getting ready to engage in the next range of research with Calcite and
> textually accessible resources through Calcite.
> I am considering Mongo, Elasticsearch and Solr.
> Can anyone here tell me more about the maturity and stability of the Mongo,
> Elasticsearch, and Solr adapters?
> This will help us determine if we should embark on this research. We do not
> have time to test too many scenarios to determine by trial-and-error if
> these adapters are mature enough.
> (we could, though, at some later date)
> Thank you,
> Edmon