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Re: Contribution on TUMBLE Implementation! I have implemented it and I wonder if I can contribute it

Hi Gia,

Thank you so much for contributing! Calcite is an open-source project and we accept all contributions (subject to review).

To get your contribution reviewed, please do the following:
1. Open an account on JIRA and create an issue:
2. Fork Calcite ( on Github.
3. Push your changes into a new branch on your fork.
4. Open a Pull Request in the Calcite repository ( so that we can review your changes. When opening the pull request, please include the JIRA case number in the title, for example [CALCITE-1234] Implement TUMBLE ...


On 3/05/2018 10:41 AM, Gia Thuan Lam wrote:
Dear Calcite Administrators,

my name is Lam Gia Thuan, a CS student in Germany. I recently got to
work with Calcite for embedding SQL into Java and I realized that many
of Calcite examples were not working at all. Among them is TUMBLE, the
function I need but unfortunately, not working since there is no

I have written a mail to ask about it but never got a reply, so I have
decided that i should implement it myself. At the moment, I already
implemented it, so I wonder if it is possible for me to submit this
contribution. I want to commit it so that if a new version of Calcite
is released, I will not need to change the implementation anymore.

If it is possible, could you please tell me how I should do it.

Thank you for creating Calcite. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Informatikstudent an der FH Frankfurt