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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Calcite Avatica Go 3.0.0 released

The Apache Calcite team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Calcite Avatica Go 3.0.0.

Avatica is a framework for building database drivers. Avatica
defines a wire API and serialization mechanism for clients to
communicate with a server as a proxy to a database. The reference
Avatica client and server are implemented in Java and communicate
over HTTP. Avatica is a sub-project of Apache Calcite.

The Avatica Go client is a Go database/sql driver that enables Go
programs to communicate with the Avatica server.

Avatica Go 3.0.0 is the first release by the Apache Calcite
project since the code was donated. This release includes support
for the Avatica HSQLDB backend, updated dependencies as well as
numerous bug fixes as described in the release notes:

The release is available here:

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on how to
report problems, and to get involved, visit the project website at

Francis Chuang, on behalf of the Apache Calcite Team