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Re: JoinPushThroughJoinRule not applied on plan

I have no immediate answers, but it would be helpful if you could provide a
complete working example of code that exhibits the problem.

Michael Mior

Le ven. 4 mai 2018 à 03:58, Valli Annamalai <aishwaryaanns@xxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

> I wanted to apply JoinPushThroughJoinRule.LEFT and
> JoinPushThroughJoinRule.RIGHT to the plan for optimization. So I added
> those 2 rules to Program and ran it as a sequence of programs.
> But I am not getting plan applied with these rules
> I did read [here
> <
> >]
> that adding rules does not mean that the plan will be better. So sanity
> checks may fail. In my case, during onMatch() checks (in matchRecurse()
> from, it fails because of no parents for the subsets
> (getParentRels() returns empty list) .
> Thus there are no successors and the recursion has not been trigerred. So
> the rules has not been fired (onMatch() in has
> not been called at all). What can be done for that?
> Any other flags need to be enabled or rules to be added??
> Thanks in advance