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Calcite - JDK 8 and Use of Guava

There is a discussion in SOLR-11763 about Guava and limiting its use by
replacing with native JDK 8 alternatives. Since Calcite 0.16.0 is now on
minimum JDK 8 this looks to be viable.  CALCITE-2259 identifies a few other
JDK 8 nice to haves.

One example looks to be:
* Preconditions.checkNotNull(obj); // Guava
* Objects.requireNonNull(obj); // JDK 8

Are there any concerns with looking into this? Are there any known features
of Guava that are necessary? I know some adapters might require Guava.

I am just starting to look at this and figured I'd ask before diving in
head first. I would start with core and then work out to other modules.


Kevin Risden