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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui pull request #96: Relevance and other composer tweaks

Github user ahgittin commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: ui-modules/blueprint-composer/app/components/catalog-selector/catalog-selector.template.html ---
    @@ -145,19 +153,29 @@ <h3>{{freeFormTile | entityName}}</h3>
     <script type="text/ng-template" id="QuickInfoTemplate.html">
         <div class="palette-item-quick-info">
    -        <div class="deprecated-marker" ng-if="item.deprecated">DEPRECATED</div>
    +        <div class="quick-info-title">{{ popover | entityName }}
    +            <br-svg type="close" class="pull-right closer" ng-click="closePopover()"></br-svg>
    +        </div>
    +        <div class="deprecated-marker" ng-if="popover.deprecated">DEPRECATED</div>
             <div class="quick-info-metadata">
    -            <p><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-bookmark"></i> <samp class="type-symbolic-name">{{item.symbolicName}}</samp></p>
    -            <p ng-if="item.version"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-code-fork"></i> {{item.version}}</p>
    +            <p><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-bookmark"></i> <samp class="type-symbolic-name">{{popover.symbolicName}}</samp></p>
    +            <p ng-if="popover.version"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-code-fork"></i> {{popover.version}}</p>
    -        <p class="quick-info-description" ng-if="item.description">{{item.description}}</p>
    +        <p class="quick-info-description" ng-if="popover.description">{{popover.description}}</p>
             <div class="quick-info-metadata bundle">
    -            <p ng-if="lastUsedText(item)"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-clock-o"></i> {{ lastUsedText(item) }}</p>
    -            <p ng-if="item.displayTags && item.displayTags.length"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-tags"></i> 
    -                <span ng-repeat-start="tag in item.displayTags" class="label label-primary palette-item-tag">{{ tag }}</span>
    +            <p ng-if="lastUsedText(popover)"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-clock-o"></i> {{ lastUsedText(popover) }}
    +              <br-svg type="close" class="closer" ng-click="popover.lastUsed = 0"></br-svg>
    +            </p>
    +            <p ng-if="popover.displayTags && popover.displayTags.length"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-tags"></i> 
    +                <span ng-repeat-start="tag in popover.displayTags" class="label label-primary palette-item-tag">{{ tag }}</span>
                     <span ng-repeat-end> </span> </p>
    -            <p><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-file-zip-o"></i> {{item.containingBundle}}</p>
    -            <p ng-if="item.relevance"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-sort-numeric-asc"></i> Relevance score: {{ roundTwoDecimals(item.relevance) }}</p>
    +            <p><i class="mini-icon fa fa-fw fa-file-zip-o"></i> {{popover.containingBundle}}</p>
    +            <p ng-if="popover.relevance"><i class="mini-icon fa fa-sort-numeric-asc"></i> Relevance score: {{ roundTwoDecimals(popover.relevance) }}</p>
    --- End diff --
    there is value in seeing a big jump for someone who uses this a lot, and i think it's more likely someone will appreciate this than resent it (but both are unlikely).  leave it until/unless someone says they don't want it?