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Re: Vote on bk 4.7.0 #1

Good point.

However I am not sure it is needed.

first, DL is just a library module of BK. After merge, we should think it
as a whole project, it is not a *separate* project/subproject any more.
second, releaseNotes is in the vote email, which already clarify releasing
DL. that is people should review.
third, sinc DL is a library, there is no change to bookkeeper-server binary
distribution. so what needs to be review is the 1) source package
distribution and 2) artifacts. If you treat DL as a new library module, it
is not as different as just reviewing new modules like `circe-checksum`.

That says from voting perspective, we don't need to distinguish them; from
user perspective, it is already clarified in release notes. Hope this
clarify your question.

- Sijie

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 1:09 PM, Enrico Olivelli <eolivelli@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Sijie,
> In the vote thread I think we should state that we are also releasing DL.
> I think that add it is the first time it is not do obvious.
> Thoughts?
> Thank you for driving this important milestone
> Enrico
> --
> -- Enrico Olivelli