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Cutting 4.6.2 release

I would like to cut a 4.6.2, mostly due to blocker issues on Java 9/10.

I have drafted the release notes - do not merge !   (PR to create 4.6.2
website)   (PR with release notes)

There are many enhancements and as we have postponed 4.7. it is important
to release 4.6.2 as soon as possible (At least for me)

Id you think that some change is to be cherry picked to 4.6 branch or there
are blocker issues on 4.6.2-SNAPSHOT please chime in.

Yesterday I run tests on jdk8 and all run fine, and I have been testing the
-SNAPSHOT version for some day on real applications (not in production)

If no one objects I will start the release process tomorrow