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[DISCUSS] Update some default values

Hi all,

I went through the bookkeeper configuration file to see if there are any
settings we should change their default values for most of the

Here I would like to raise a discussion about two settings:

- `journalRemoveFromPageCache`: this settings is false. but it should be
enabled by default, because journal pages are okay to be removed from page
cache after they are fsynced to disks. That is what Twitter/Yahoo is using
on production.

- `fileInfoCacheInitialCapacity`: this setting is related to
`openFileLimit`. `openFileLimit` is 20000 by default. so change this value
to 1/4 of openFileLimit, giving a good balance between initial capacity and
the limit and also avoid resizing cache too many times if it eventually
hits the limit.

Here the proposed change:

- Sijie