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[DISCUSS] BookKeeperAdmin and new API

Hi BookKeepers,
we should think about a replacement for BookKeeperAdmin for "applications"
using the new API.

I know that it is a low-level class and it is not intended for public usage.

I am using BookKeeperAdmin in order to access programmatically to a
description of the cluster (ledgers metadata) and in order to leverage
"format" / "metaformat" functions.

For the first usage (listing/accessing metadata) I think we could add some
methods to o.a.b.api.BookKeeper interface (we already have

For the second usage (format/metaformat) I think I have a more high level
need to "embed bookie" using a standard (community supported) API. I can
take care of think for 4.8 o later.
In every of my products I never run Bookie service using standard scripts
so I am  the first stakeholder of this topic.

This email is just to start the discussion

Best Regards