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Re: BK metrics

> @Ivan, for some reasons I did not receive your reply but found it in the email archives.

Are you subscribed to the list? I did see one mail from you show up in

> At 80K request/sec throttling for record size of 1K, I am getting below throughput. The 99th percentile of `bookkeeper_server_ADD_ENTRY_REQUEST` and `bookkeeper_server_ADD_ENTRY` are around 350 ms. I am starting to see the lag when I increase the ingestion rate limit beyond 90 K/sec limit.

So this suggests to me that the metrics are reporting correctly.

> The disks were under 60% utilization (not saturated).

60% of bandwidth or iops? only one of the two needs to be saturated.
And which disk, journal or ledgers?

> Are there any benchmark results of BookKeeper that can be shared?

I don't have any to hand, but maybe someone else on the list does.