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Re: London Apache Beam meetup 5

Also sharing the (audio) recording now:

On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 16:41 Alexey Romanenko <> wrote:
Thank you for sharing, Matthias!


On 10 Jun 2018, at 14:45, Matthias Baetens <baetensmatthias@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

Sharing the slides from the meetup this week here. Enjoy!


On Sun, 3 Jun 2018 at 19:38 Matthias Baetens <baetensmatthias@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

Happy to announce our 5th Beam meetup in London

This Thursday, 7th of June, we’ll have Reuven Lax, senior software engineer at Google and Jean-Baptiste, software architect at Talend at the Qubit office to give you an update on the Beam project.

JB will be taking use cases, while Reuven will talk about Beam latest and upcoming features, with, among things, the portability layer and schema support in Beam.

I am very happy to announce we will have some Beam swag (not only stickers) this time - so be on time if you don’t want to miss out ;)

More info and RSVP on the meetup page.