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Beam Cookbook?

I'm looking at assembling a physical book along the lines of "Apache Beam Cookbook", though might take a different approach to topic (if realize there is a better hole to fill or something that needs more attention before that).  

I believe many could benefit from more substantive write-ups and explanations on use-cases, and specific bits in code (ex: to accomplish x you might want to use recipe Y, pay special attention to this function, with associated paragraphs of text and noting specific lines in the code, etc etc).  While this can be done on a website and GitHub, I do believe the more concrete nature of a book (esp. with reputable publisher) gives additional signaling to others that the subject is sufficiently mature.  My aim will be for this book to be freely available at least in an e-book version, an example of that I have is: and surely you've come across other examples. 

I see many cookbook examples of code already exist, but the associated writeup I know could be useful to others; as well as the overall presentation/bundling to make it even easier to find and use.  

Wondering thoughts from the group and if there are others with a strong interest in collaborating on such an undertaking.