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Re: Metrics: Non-cumulative values for Distribution

Hi Jozef,

Can you elaborate a bit on your use-case; is the "report interval" a concept you depend on for your data processing logic?

The Metrics API in general is designed to serve data to the executing runner or external service which can then manage the aggregation and reporting through PipelineResult or monitoring UI. Etienne, do you know if MetricsPusher [1] would help at all?

I suspect you'd be better off calculating the Min/Max values in a downstream Combine transform and set the Windowing/Trigger strategy which captures the report interval you're looking for.


On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 3:39 AM Jozef Vilcek <jozo.vilcek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am running a streaming job on flink and want to monitor MIN and MAX ranges of a metric floating through operator. I did it via  org.apache.beam.sdk.metrics.Distribution

Problem is, that it seems to report only cumulative values. What I would want instead is discrete report for MIN / MAX which were seen in each particular report interval.

Is there a way to get non-cumulative  data from beam distribution metrics? What are my options?
The obvious workaround is to track it "manually" and submit  2 gauge metrics. I hope there is a better way ... Is there?