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Re: Beam Summits!

How about Beam Summit in Berlin on Sep 6 immediately following Flink Forward Berlin on the previous 2 days.

Same may be for Asia also following Flink Forward Asia where and whenever it happens. 

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 6:06 PM Austin Bennett <whatwouldaustindo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

I really enjoyed Beam Summit in London (Thanks Matthias!), and there was much enthusiasm for continuations.  We had selected that location in a large part due to the growing community there, and we have users in a variety of locations.  In our 2019 calendar, shared in the past weeks, 3 Summits are tentatively slotted for this year.  Wanting to start running this by the group to get input.

* Beam Summit NA, in San Francisco, approx 3 April 2019 (following Flink Forward).  I can organize.
* Beam Summit Europe, in Stockholm, this was the runner up in voting falling behind London.  Or perhaps Berlin?  October-ish 2019
* Beam Summit Asia, in Tokyo ??

What are general thoughts on locations/dates?

Looking forward to convening in person soon.