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(fyi) PR#7324 updates how projects consume vendored guava

Just a heads up: PR#7324 [1] just got merged which fixes an issue with our vendored guava artifact and JNI: see BEAM-6056 [2] for details. Important changes for you:

a. IntelliJ doesn't understand how our vendored guava is built and will give red squigglies. This is annoying but temporary while we release a new vendored artifact.
b. The guava vendoring prefix has changed. If you have work-in-progress, you'll hit this when you merge into master. Update any new guava imports to: org.apache.beam.vendor.grpc.v1p3p1.[..]

Read on for details..

The fix for BEAM-6056 included two changes:
1. Updated package prefix for vendored guava symbols: o.a.b.vendor.grpc.v1_13_1 -> o.a.b.vendor.grpc.v1p3p1
2. Move project dependencies to consume vendored guava from :beam-vendor-grpc-1_13_1 project rather than the published Maven artifact.

Consuming from the integrated project artifact (#2) was necessary in order to make the changes and validate them inline without needing to first publish a Maven release. However, this has some downsides: notably, IntelliJ struggles to understand shaded dependencies [3]. I believe we should move back to consuming pre-published vendor artifacts. The first step is to publish a new vendored beam-vendor-grpc-1_13_1 artifact; I can start that process.

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