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[RFC] I made a new tabbed Beam view in Jenkins

Hi all,

I made a new view to split Beam builds into tabs:

 - PostCommit tab includes PostCommit and "PreCommit_.*_Cron" because these are actually post-commit jobs; it is a feature not a bug.
 - PreCommit tab includes jobs that have no meaningful history because they are just against PRs, commits, phrase triggering
 - Inventory self-explanatory
 - PerformanceTests self-explanatory
 - All; I didn't want to keep making categories but just send this for feedback

WDYT about making this the top-level Beam view? (vs

After that, maybe we could clean the categories so they fit into the tabs more easily with fewer regexes (to make sure things don't get missed). I have read also that if you use / instead of _ as a separator in a name then Jenkins will display jobs as nested in folders automatically. Not sure it actually results in a better view; haven't tried it.