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Nested & Dynamic Schema Types in Apache Atlas

Hi Everyone!

We are moving to Apache Atlas to store all our metadata in the organisation
and need help in modelling some of our existing metadata.

One of the types we have is EVENT. Our existing schema for an event is
simply a json (serialized from java classes - DTOs). These DTOs could then
be composed of primitive types, array(s), map(s) as well as some arbitrary
instances of some other class(es) etc. Please help us in understanding how
attributeDef of event should be expressed in this case. In java lingo, we
are simply looking for something of the sort of map<string, Object>
representing attribute name and any subtype of Object.

We are taking inspiration from the *Table* type in the quickstart script.
The *Table* type has, in addition to other attributes, an array of columns (
*array(Column)*). The *Column* type is then composed of more primary
attributes. In our scenario though, the nesting could be of any level and
demands more flexibility in number and type of attributes. The column could
be composed of some other structure that is not known beforehand.

Please let me know if you have any questions on our scenario.

Shivji Kumar Jha | Senior Software Development Engineer, Swiggy

Shivji Kumar Jha | Software Development Engineer-II | 8884075512


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