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Reviewing PRs (was: Re: Arrow sync call)


Now that we have a lot of different implementations and a growing number
of assorted topics, it becomes hard to know whether a PR or issue has a
dedicated expert or would benefit from an outsider look.

In Python we have what we call the "experts" list which is a per-topic
(or per-library module) contributors who are generally interested in and
competent on such topic (*).  So it's possible to cc such a person, or
if no expert is available on a given topic, perhaps for someone else to
try and have a look anyway.  Perhaps we need something similar for Arrow?




Le 12/12/2018 à 19:13, Ravindra Pindikura a écrit :
> Attendees : Wes, Sidd, Bryan, Francois, Hatem, Nick, Shyam, Ravindra, Matt
> Wes:
> - do not rush the 0.12 release before the holidays, instead target the release for early next year
> - request everyone to look at PRs in the queue, and help by doing reviews
> Wes/Nick
> - queried about Interest in developing a "dataset abstraction" as a layer above file readers that arrow now supports (parquet, csv, json)
> Sidd
> - agreed to be the release manager for 0.12
> - things to keep in mind for release managers :
>  1. We now use crossbow to automate the building of binaries with CI
>  2. From this release, the binary artifacts will be hosted in bintray instead of apache dist since the size has increased significantly
> Hatem
> - Asked about documentation regarding IDE for setup/debug of arrow libraries
> - Wes pointed out the developer wiki on confluence. Hatem offered to help with documentation. 
> Thanks and regards,
> Ravindra.
> On 2018/12/12 16:54:21, Wes McKinney <w...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> All are welcome to join -- call notes will be posted after>