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Re: [Go] Npyio / Arrow support

hi Sebastien,

Seems reasonable, and the integration between the libraries could be
useful (although npyio could be made to depend on the Arrow Go

If there is the desire from the Arrow Go developers to merge in that
codebase, it seems perhaps old enough that we might have to do an IP
clearance -- we've done enough of these that it's become fairly
routine at this point. I've conducted so many IP clearances (7,
according to that I would
really appreciate if another PMC member could assume ownership for
doing one.

- Wes
On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 2:50 AM Sebastien Binet <binet@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi there,
> Back in the days, for my particle physics work, I had to be able to read
> and write numpy data files[1] (for interop with existing analysis
> pipelines.)
> I was wondering whether I couldn't integrate this Go package with Apache
> Arrow:
> -
> and put it under as either
> -, or
> - (as a sibling of the already
> existing csv package.)
> that new npyio package would have builtin support for array.Interface and
> tensor.Interface.
> thoughts?
> cheers,
> -s
> [1]: