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Re: RFC: Type inference rules

Hi Ben,

Le 30/11/2018 à 02:19, Ben Kietzman a écrit :
> Currently, to figure out which types may be inferred and under which
> circumstances they will be inferred involves digging through code. I think
> it would be useful to have an API for expressing type inference rules.
> Ideally this would be provided as utility functions alongside
> StringConverter and used by anything which does type inference while
> parsing/unboxing.

It may be a bit more complicated.  For example, a CSV file is parsed by
blocks, and each block produces an array chunk.  But when the type of a
later block changes due to type inference failing on the current type,
all previous blocks must be parsed again.

So I'm curious what you would make the API look like.

> By contrast, when reading JSON (which is explicit about numbers vs
> strings), the graph would be:
>   NULL -> BOOL
>   NULL -> INT64 -> DOUBLE
> Seem reasonable?
> Is there a case which isn't covered by a fallback graph as above?

I have no idea.  Someone else may be able to answer your question.