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Re: [RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Arrow 0.11.0 (RC1)


One problem for Java packages:

I clicked "Release" button at but
shows nothing.

Can you help this?

Here are remains tasks:

  * Updating the Arrow website

    The remained sub task is only blog post. Wes is working
    on this:

    Can contributors for 0.11.0 confirm this?

    (I'll confirm this tomorrow.)

  * Updating website with new API documentation

    Krisztián is working on this:

  * Updating conda packages

    Krisztián is working on this.

  * Announcing release

    I'll do this after the above blog post is published.

Other tasks in "Post-release tasks"
have done.


In <20181008.194105.485100005664531298.kou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  "[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Arrow 0.11.0 (RC1)" on Mon, 08 Oct 2018 19:41:05 +0900 (JST),
  Kouhei Sutou <kou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> With 3 binding +1 votes, 1 non-binding +1 and no other
> votes, the vote passes. Thanks all!
> I'll start "Post-release tasks".
> Wes will write a blog post.
> Krisztián will create the conda-forge PRs.
> Any other helps are also welcome!
> Thanks,
> --
> kou