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Reminder about Apache requirements for third party licenses

hi folks,

For new committers especially: please be mindful when reviewing
patches when code may have originated from some other body of IP, like
another open source project. If you come across a segment of code
which may have been copy-and-pasted from somewhere else, please ask
the contributor where the code came from. If it is not original IP
contributed to Apache Arrow, in general it must be noted in the top
level LICENSE.txt file for the project. Please verify that the license
for the project is part of the Category A list on

Code with copyleft (GPL or similar) or weak copyleft license (Mozilla
Public License, and others) may not be included in the project except
in cases where files were generated by some form of build tool. These
are the Category X and Category B license groups.

Code contributed to StackOverflow prior to February 1, 2016 may not be
used because of the license,

My understanding is that SO code after 2016-02-01 is available under
the MIT license, but its IP provenance should be noted at the point of
use (post link back to the SO answer in a code comment at least)

- Wes