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Re: [DISCUSS] Re-think CI strategy?

@Robert, it looks like NumPy is making LTS releases until Jan 1, 2020

Based on this, I think it's fine for us to continue to support Python
2.7 until then. It's only 16 months away; are you all ready for the
next decade?

We should also discuss if we want to continue to build and test Python
3.5. From download statistics it appears that there are 5-10x as many
Python 3.6 users as 3.5. I would prefer to drop 3.5 and begin
supporting 3.7 soon.

@Antoine, I think we can avoid building the C++ codebase 3 times, but
it will require a bit of retooling of the scripts. The reason that
ccache isn't working properly is probably because the Python include
directory is being included even for compilation units that do not use
the Python C API.
I'm opening a JIRA about fixing this

Created about
removing the redundant build cycle

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 2:19 PM, Robert Nishihara
<robertnishihara@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Also, at this point we're sometimes hitting the 50 minutes time limit on
>> our slowest Travis-CI matrix job, which means we have to restart it...
>> making the build even slower.
> Only a short-term fix, but Travis can lengthen the max build time if you
> email them and ask them to.