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Arrow & plasma - java sample to store complex objects

Not sure this is the right channel for a "user" oriented question but the
slack channel on heroku seams to be down...

TL;DR: is there some hidden tutorial/java samples to store complex data
objects in arrow and access (put/get) with plasma? I'm currently exploring
the unit test from the java part of the source, but it's not really

So, I'm starting with arrow and actually I went in for the plasma object
store which should address an issue I currently have: sharing objects
between process on multiples servers to serve as initial starting point in

The computation parts are already done since the need for distribution just
recently emerged, and I'm trying to see if I can port the data object
within arrow to distribute them over plasma. So far so good: I can launch
the plasma_store and access it through the ObjectStoreLink API. But it's
really on the byte array level. Any advice or best practice on how to
convert existing data model to arrow compliant one? Should I look into the
Arrow Schema example?

Thanks for any pointer.

Gérard Dupont