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Apache Arrow at Strata NYC

Hey everyone!

Strata NYC is coming up pretty soon, Sept 11-13. Dremio has a pretty big
booth and we are planning to set aside a section devoted to Arrow. We would
like to promote any talks that are taking place at the show (I'm aware of
one by Sidd), as well as any projects that are using Arrow.

If anyone is planning to be at Strata and would like to do a lightning talk
out of the booth on what you're doing with Arrow, please let me know. Or if
you want to hang out for a while and help answer questions about the
project, that would be great too. We'll have tshirts and stickers if anyone
wants to drop by to pick something up. Or, if you have swag for your
project that uses Arrow that you'd like to distribute out of the booth, let
me know and we'd be glad to help.

If you were planning to be in town but not at the show and are still
interested, we have a few extra booth passes we can share to get you into
the show floor.