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Re: Nested List examples?

Now I have even more questions.

List<List<T>> uses one values buffer for the instances of T (according to

List<Struct> couldn't possibly do that. Is that a valid type in Arrow?



On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 6:17 AM, Antoine Pitrou <antoine@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Le 03/05/2018 à 14:03, Andy Grove a écrit :
> > I've been looking at the C++ and Java code bases, trying to find examples
> > of List<List<T>> and am having trouble finding them. Are these
> implemented?
> You can take a look for example at `TEST(TestListType, Basics)` in
> Parametric types in Arrow C++ are not templates, they are dynamic types.
>  This allows for arbitrary nesting (not only lists of lists, but structs
> of lists, lists of structs, etc.).  You probably want to do something
> similar in Rust.
> Regards
> Antoine.