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Re: AppVeyor queue length measures


Le 01/05/2018 à 20:35, Uwe L. Korn a écrit :
> Hello,
> as a heads-up, I have requested with INFRA [1] to enable the Rolling Builds feature [2] of AppVeyor. We never look at old commits and very often we look at our private AppVeyor instances, so these builds should not matter.

+1, sounds great!

> Another, more drastic measure would be to only build parts of the matrix on PRs (all on master).

You mean depending on the PR changes (that's ARROW-2516)?  Or a static
subpart of the matrix?

I wonder why we have NMake builds on the matrix.  Are they really
important to some people?  With Ninja + Visual Studio builds we should
already have quite good coverage.