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Re: Build system discussion for Arrow (and Orc?)

+1. Definitely do open JIRAs to describe the issue(s) you are having,
even if you do not intend to patch them yourself. The ORC issue may
need to be patched upstream in Apache ORC. We're happy to help spec
out the work required to help make the builds / packaging less painful


On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 5:39 AM, Uwe L. Korn <uwelk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Michael,
>> 1. Is this a welcome change, or should we just carry patches locally?
> These changes would be very welcome. The current vendoring approach exists for all dependencies mostly to get have a smooth development experience. It is not meant for releases. The current approach for ORC is mainly in this form as there are things missing to get to a smooth, non-vendored released binary.
>> 2. Assuming change is welcome, what is the preferred method for submitting
>> changes?  Github PR(s)?
> As mentioned above, they are very welcome. The preferred method is creating an issue in JIRA and then opening a PR on github. The name of the PR should be prefixed with the issue. e.g. `ARROW-XXX: [Python] Better ORC packaging`
> Uwe