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PyCon Sprint Document

Hi Everybody,

PyCon is next month May 9th-17th. During PyCon there are a few days of sprints and I was hoping to spend some time on Arrow. The PyCon sprint page mentions putting together a sprint document to share with participants.!

I've started putting together a document and thought I would share for feedback. One of the things that was suggested is identifying a goal to accomplish during the event. After talking with Uwe and looking through JIRA I thought focusing on improving Numpy and Pandas integration would be a good goal for PyCon. I plan on tagging tickets as well as getting some filters prepared between now and PyCon, but would appreciate any other advice others may have based on experience with Arrow dev or similar events to the PyCon Sprints. It would also be great to know if anybody else is going to make it to PyCon.



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