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[VOTE] Release Apache Aries Remote Service Admin 1.13.0 (OSGi R7)

This release fixes some bugs that were reported by users and found during
stabilization of the OSGi R7 CT checks.

See here for the specs we implement:

Keep in mind though that at the moment only the TCP transport fully
supports the new spec.

I've staged the release at

For a list of issues resolved see:

Release Notes - Aries - Version rsa-1.13.0

** Bug
    * [ARIES-1751] - Typo in namespace url in
    * [ARIES-1788] - NPE on log line
    * [ARIES-1815] - ConcurrentModificationException in
    * [ARIES-1817] - Export remove do no always end up in REMOVE events
(timing issue)
    * [ARIES-1837] - ConcurrentModificationException in
    * [ARIES-1838] - Zookeeper discovery does not send modified events
    * [ARIES-1839] - Invalid zookeeper path
/osgi/service_registry#osgi#service_registry is created
    * [ARIES-1840] - ConcurrentModificationException in

** Test
    * [ARIES-1835] - TestFastbinRoundTrip fails in a high percentage of the

** Dependency upgrade
    * [ARIES-1779] - Upgrade ZooKeeper to 3.4.13
    * [ARIES-1822] - Upgrade plugins

Please review and vote

Here is my


Christian Schneider

Computer Scientist