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Re: Antlib SVN and antunit Java versions

On 19/12/18 11:29 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2018-12-18, Jaikiran Pai wrote:
>> One option in similar cases that we have employed in other jobs is to
>> configure the Java system property -Dhttps.protocols to "TLSv1.2". But
>> this version of TLS is only supported in a Java release after Java 1.5.
> I'd be in favor of updating the jobs. Nobody would build releases using
> Java 1.5 either, I guess.
Done. I have updated the jobs of antlib svn and antunit to use Java 8 to
build it.

>> At a more higher level, I think it's probably time to decide whether we
>> want to change the minimum required Java versions for these libraries?
>> Should we now mandate Java 1.8 at least?
> In the case of antlib svn we could simply decide to call it dead or
> dormant or whatever (like almost all other antlibs, I guess). Unless I'm
> overlooking something, the svn antlib is neither listed on
> nor
> - so it doesn't even exist
> from out user's point of view.
I found this (live) page the other
day while looking at the Jenkins failure. But now that you mention it, I
don't remember how I landed up on that page. I don't see it linked in
the Jenkins job or some other place. But yes, I don't see it linked
anywhere in the Ant website. I'll start a new VOTE thread to retire this
project. I might need Jan's help here if/after the VOTE passes to
actually do some of the process involved in retiring projects.


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