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Re: Antlib SVN and antunit Java versions

On 2018-12-18, Jaikiran Pai wrote:

> One option in similar cases that we have employed in other jobs is to
> configure the Java system property -Dhttps.protocols to "TLSv1.2". But
> this version of TLS is only supported in a Java release after Java 1.5.

I'd be in favor of updating the jobs. Nobody would build releases using
Java 1.5 either, I guess.

> At a more higher level, I think it's probably time to decide whether we
> want to change the minimum required Java versions for these libraries?
> Should we now mandate Java 1.8 at least?

In the case of antlib svn we could simply decide to call it dead or
dormant or whatever (like almost all other antlibs, I guess). Unless I'm
overlooking something, the svn antlib is neither listed on nor - so it doesn't even exist
from out user's point of view.


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