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Re: Command line argument files

Hi Remko

On 2018-11-15, Remko Popma wrote:

> Would there be any interest in using picocli (
> as the command line parser in
> ``?

Ant's core has zero dependencies and we value this property.

> Picocli has support for @-files ( ) to handle
> cases where the length of the command line exceeds the OS limitations. (I
> believe there was a recent request for this feature on the user list.)

I'm pretty sure Picocli is great.

Personally I wouldn't want to add it just to enable an edge case. Most
people don't have Ant command lines long enough to even make them think
about @-files. -propertyfile helps with the case of many -D options and
then there always is the option to set the ANT_ARGS environment

It should be possible to provide a Picocli ArgumentProcessor that people
who need additional features can plug into their builds and activate,



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