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AW: Command line argument files

Thank you for your suggestion.
But I think we shouldn’t add a new dependency for replacing code, that works and was touched last time 8 months ago ('just' introducing some Java8 stuff), then 2 years ago (no FileInput/OutputStream::new) then 4 years ago ...

So maintenance is no real point here.


> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Remko Popma [mailto:remko.popma@xxxxxxxxx]
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. November 2018 11:14
> An: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Betreff: Command line argument files
> Would there be any interest in using picocli (
> as the command line parser in
> ``?
> Picocli has support for @-files ( ) to
> handle cases where the length of the command line exceeds the OS
> limitations. (I believe there was a recent request for this feature on
> the user list.)
> The Main class will likely become shorter and easier to maintain.
> As a bonus, picocli generates nice-looking help with ANSI colors and
> can generate completion scripts to get command line completion on bash
> and zsh shells.
> The trade-off is the additional external dependency.
> Picocli is relatively new (1.0 released in Aug 2017) but has growing
> adoption and is used in Groovy, Micronaut, JUnit 5 and CheckStyle.
> I’d be happy to provide a PR if there’s interest.
> Remko Popma

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