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Re: ant git commit: Add magic names for tests, run more tests in Surefire

> The tests for core fail for me (CommandlineJava) anyway. I think I've
> already said that running Ant's unit tests in Maven is a non-goal for me
> :-)

I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow, if you don't mind. Could you please
provide some details of your setup?
Even if running unit tests with different tools is a no-goal for you, it's
a good check of robustness --
I noticed that the same tests which fail in Maven have a tendency to fail
in IDE, too, and I'd like the possibility to run tests from IDE.
Maybe that would also be of use should JUnit 5 be considered some day...

As to the refactoring, I'm sorry I got carried away with all the dependency
I'm afraid we're cheating a little anyway by compiling testutil with core
tests first, and then building a separate jar file.
So your refactoring is fine. Thanks for bearing with me.