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[GitHub] ant pull request #64: Add support for SAN extension in GenerateKey task

Github user jaikiran commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/ ---
    @@ -413,6 +429,16 @@ public void execute() throws BuildException {
                 sb.append("\" ");
    +        if (useExtension) {
    +            sb.append("-ext ");
    --- End diff --
    >> However, we won't ever append "-ext" without also appending a name too. Currently the only way to append "-ext" is when useExtension is true, which only happens if the sname attribute is included in the definition AND the java version is 1.7 or higher.
    Hi @jnsnkrllive, The reason I brought it up is because I see that the `san` extension name gets added only if the `saname` is set to non-null. Whereas the `ext` argument gets passed whether or not `saname` is null because the `useExtension` gets set to `true` irrespective of whether or not the saname is null (imagine someone calling setSaname with a null value). Perhaps, we don't need "useExtension" field for now (until we introduce more supported extension names)? That way you can add the "-ext -san=<value>" if there's non-null `saname` set?


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