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[GitHub] ant pull request #63: Replace JAI with ImageIO

Github user bodewig commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: build.xml ---
    @@ -277,13 +277,20 @@
         <filename name="${optional.package}/ANTLR*"/>
    +  <selector id="needs.imageio">
    +    <or>
    +      <filename name="${optional.package}/image/ImageIO*"/>
    +      <filename name="${optional.type.package}/imageio/"/>
    +    </or>
    +  </selector>
       <selector id="needs.jmf">
         <filename name="${optional.package}/sound/"/>
       <selector id="needs.jai">
    -      <filename name="${optional.package}/image/"/>
    +      <filename name="${optional.package}/image/Image.*"/>
    --- End diff --
    You also need to add ImageTest here as the selector is also used when deciding which tests to run (this probabl explains the Jenkins build failures).


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