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Re: ant git commit: Unbreak tests

On 05/07/18 12:57 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

-      passfile="testpassfile.tmp"%/>
+      passfile="testpassfile.tmp"/>
the commit that introduced the issue was labeled "Trailing whitespace"
and I trusted to contain exactly that and didn't bother reviewing
it. Obviously it did not.

A single commit that spans a dozen mail messages is something you really
cannot review properly.

Glitches happen, this is not a problem. But if they hide inside a patch
that contains more than 4500 changes lines it becomes impossible to deal
with them.

Given we were planning to cut new releases I now feel very uncomfortable
and compelled to wade through all those 4500 lines as well as the 4500
lines of the other commit with the same message and the merge of the 1.9
branch (and doing the same to the equally big commits on the 1.9.x
branch). This is going to delay the releases by several days, at least.

It was made explicitly clear by committers, PMC members and Ant PMC chairman that the commits of these nature aren't acceptable. Yet, more and more such commits have been done over and over again, using these upstream repos as a personal playground and forcing it on the rest of the community. At this point, I personally believe that reviewing these meaningless changes is a waste of time and energy. I'm in favour of rolling back the entire commit set if that's what it takes.


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