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Re: thinking about new releases

Den lör 16 juni 2018 kl 18:08 skrev Stefan Bodewig <bodewig@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi all
> given lists Ant
> 1.9.12 as a release fixing a security problem it might be a good idea to
> actually release 1.9.12 :-)
> AFAICS there is no unfinished work in either branch, but I may be
> wrong. I am aware there ar enhancement requests around javadoc that may
> be worth waiting for for 1.10.x. Is anybody else planning to do
> something that should be finished before creating release candidates?

I assume that you're referring to [1] and [2].
I merely documented the new switches of javadoc in Java 9+, but that's all.
+1 to release 1.9.12 and 1.10.4