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Re: Java modules as Ant resources

On 2018-06-16, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:

> if services would become a new mechanism for adding tasks, modules
> would be of help by providing an API to discover them.

Which may be a bit more tricky than it looks as currently tasks don't
provide metadata about themselves (tag name, namespace uri) as this is
handled by the surounding concepts like the antlib task.

I agree, if we want to add an additional mechanism it should probably
use ServiceLoader and thus be supported by modules.

> Since modules are a jar with a twist, it seems that they could be
> abstracted as resources if one would like to expose what's happening
> under the hood/bonnet.

The term resource might be overloaded and mean different things to you
and me. In Ant terms a module would be a ResourceCollection, probably.

> The question was more about whether that exposure would be useful (so
> that there could be ModuleSets, etc).

Something like a ZipGroupFileset?


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