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Re: Bz 62324

For easy reference, the bug in discussion is this one

On 09/06/18 12:38 AM, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:
Namely, a stack trace of the exception is logged (in debug mode only)
without any separator from the preceding message. While it seems that the
idea is that the stack trace should be presented as a continuation of the
message, IMO it would require a specially formatted message or, well, some
separator to be visually consistent.

So the question is whether there is better solution than the one currently
I saw a commit that was made linking to this bug Is that the proposed solution?

I haven't investigated the issue myself, but I can't relate that commit as a solution to what's being discussed in that bug. If I understand it correctly, the commit seems to be now using the exception class' simple name (which by the way can be obtained by getClass().getSimpleName() instead of substring substitutions) and printing a newline and the exception class simple name and then follows it with the complete stacktrace. Earlier, before this commit, it used to print just the stacktrace. I don't see how this change would solve what's being discussed in that bugzilla.

If this isn't the proposed solution, is there some other place I can read up on what's being proposed?


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