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Re: [2/2] ant git commit: Bz 22370: followlinks attribute

On 2018-06-01, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:

> thanks for reviewing this. I missed the fact that filesets had a similar
> attribute.
> Hope everything is consistent now.

What I meant with

>> you should probably check and document how the new followlinks attribute
>> interacts with fileset's followsymlinks attribute.

was more something like: What happens when I do something like this

<fileset dir="..." followsymlinks="false">
  <ownedby owner="me" followsymlinks="true"/>

I believe - but haven't tested it - that for symlinks <ownedby> is never
going to be invoked at all as DirectoryScanner will skip the symlink so
the attribute's value on ownedby is irrelevant. If I'm correct we should
probably document it somewhere.

Of course the same is true for the existing <symlink> selector, so this
is a more general task.


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