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Re: ant git commit: Inline buildfile names, make search easier

2018-04-30 11:20 GMT+00:00 Jan Matèrne (jhm) <apache@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> For that single point I think parametrization is 'good'.
> If I count right, it impacted three test classes.
> Why change all the others?
> Starting a discussion before such big changes would also be helpful.

Just to pick a nit, there are 9 parameterized test classes.
I could easily add another 10-20 classes.
But, I'd rather put trivial changes into a separate commit
(I remember being told off for mixing in whitespace changes on previous

Anyway, I also recall that we had a discussion about unit tests which ended
up in decision on one detail:
any setup details (eg special properties) that can break tests and are
controlled by end user must be asserted rather than assumed.
The latter should be used for OS- and/or runtime-specific properties.