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Re: [1/2] ant git commit: Deprecate CollectionUtils and Enumerations; reduce explicit use of Enumeration

2018-05-18 16:11 GMT+02:00 Johan Corveleyn <jcorvel@xxxxxxxxx>:

> 2) There is clearly no consensus here on the merits / desirability of
> these bulk changes. Gintas, I understand your desire to move things
> along, and you clearly have an opinion about it, but IMHO you really
> need to stop doing any more bulk changes as long as there is no
> consensus.

This time, I tried to start a discussion first, and I got no response.
There were attempts to modernize the codebase about a year ago. AFAICS
there was no discussion then.
What was that saying: "don't vote, don't complain"? I'd like some
discussion, that's all.

I hear that the consensus is "new stuff is for new code, or at least
whenever one happens to change old code fixing the bugs".
I'm not quite sure whether that's a good idea, we should at least try to
achieve some consistency
-- and not necessarily sticking to the bottom line.
Or maybe I'm too old school seeing major version changes as necessitating a
porting effort ;-)