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Migrating Ivy and IvyDE site to asciidoc


I would like to go forward and migrate the part of the site about Ivy and IvyDE to asciidoc, since it has gone well for the documentation about Ivy and IvyDE.

So first, is OK for everybody ?
Reminding of the pros: way faster, more standard source of doc. For the cons: not 'html-hackable’ easily, see below about the home page.

For a first base of the discussion, I have give it a shot. I have reused the xooki2asciidoc tool developed for Ivy's documentation. And I have done a first run, committed the result of the asciidoc files. I think that since the amount of the pages is reasonable, the quality is fine enough and can fix the page manually from there.

You can see the generated site from the asciidoc files with: ant -f build-doc.xml generate-site
The new site is generated in a ‘production2’ folder, so we do not mess with the real site. It is only for testing purpose for now.

There are some cleanup to do, I haven't fix any page manually. If somebody want to start, he is welcome to do so.

One page I am worried about is the main page [2]. I am not sure there are some sane asciidoc directives to render something similar. If you already have ideas, please share. If I remember correctly there is directive to blindly render content, which could be html, as a fall back.

Then, if we’re OK with the change, and if we find something suitable to generate the Home page, we prepare a new version of the site, pushing somewhere so we can review it online. Once happy with the result, we switch. And then we apply the same process with the site for IvyDE. Sounds good ?


[1] <>