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Re: Ant JUnit tests

Like discussed in the other thread, I don't understand what's wrong with setting the expected properties in the IDE itself (like the "ant.home"). IDEs provide these configurations/settings for reasons like these. What would it achieve by virtually disabling these tests, in IDE, by adding those assumptions?


On 20/04/18 10:39 AM, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:
I am refactoring Ant JUnit tests with a goal to make them more
"IDE-friendly". I found several tests that are implictly dependent on
ant.home property being set. In these cases, the test should be prevented
from execution by adding an assumption; however, perhaps there might be a
suitable default, like basedir + "/bootstrap" or some other location that
might be suggested in, say, javadoc?

Thanks, Gintas

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