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Re: SBT branch in Ivy repo

On 2018-03-25, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:

> I asked sbt developers [1] whether they would like to use the same Git
> repo. The consensus seems to be that sbt would like to have their own
> branch (or two). Would it be acceptable to graft sbt branch(es) to Ivy repo?

I'm not sure I understand the story. This is what seems to have

* the sbt developers created a fork of Ivy 2.3

* either their changes looked to them unacceptable for Ivy, or they
  didn't want to contribute their changes to the upstream or they just
  didn't care. In either case they decided to maintain a long term fork
  over asking the Ivy devs to change Ivy so they could use an unpatched

Why would the Ivy developers want to maintain this fork for sbt?


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