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junitlauncher doc fix (was Re: [VOTE] Release Ant 1.10.3 based on RC1)

On 2018-03-24, Jaikiran Pai wrote:

> I'm not sure if for the documentation fix (which I have pushed
> upstream) we need to redo a new RC release.

If I understand your change correctly then the manual as would be
released with 1.10.3 is plain wrong and will cause people who trust it
to bang their heads on the wall if things don't work.

We can fix the online version of the manual without a new release, but
we cannot change the manual that is included with the distributions.

I see two options:

(1) stick with RC1, fix the online manual of junitlauncher, add a FAQ
    entry about the shipped manual of 1.10.3 being wrong
(2) roll RC2 with your fix

I'm leaning towards the second option.


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